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About Us

The main goal of EducationLearningToys.com is to be able to adapt to education, development and different development directions.

For seventeen years I worked as a kindergarten teacher in Debrecen, where I learned a lot of practical experience. I started with a real green-eyed beginner, with a lot of difficulties. I completed several courses and then, after the birth of my second son, I returned to the pads for three years and completed the development pedagogy. In kindergarten, I used the knowledge I learned from the children. The years of experience and the acquired knowledge have also increasingly stimulated awareness that largely determined the development of children. Of course, this was part of the game that the kids played all day.

With this experience I offer everyone useful, developing, educational and learning toys.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at info [at] educationlearningtoys [dot] com.