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Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language, And Hearing

Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language, And HearingNothing quite compares to the magical, early years of a child’s life. So much critical development happens in such a short time that there’s almost always something new happening. For parents and educators, this is a lot of fun to watch. A helpless infant who has to learn to make a fist becomes a walking, talking child within the span of a few years! Nurturing your child’s development is also a big responsibility. Because major developmental achievements occur at every turn, you want to know what to watch for and how to effectively support your child’s growth.


Here are a few examples of crucial developmental milestones a child should reach during the first few years of life:


  • By one month, moving the head from side to side while lying on the stomach
  • By three months, watching faces intently
  • By six months, grabbing objects using the fingers and thumb as a claw
  • By seven months, responding to sounds with sounds
  • By a year, imitating gestures
  • By two years, walking solo and even beginning to run
  • By four years, telling stories


For more early childhood milestones, take a look at the attached resource. In it, you’ll find major developmental changes, organized by age, in three critical learning areas — hearing and understanding, speech and fine motor skills. Check it out to be prepared for the developmental steps your little one will soon be taking!

Author bio: Lisa Orlando is Senior Vice President, Marketing, and Strategy of the Invo Family of Companies, which includes Invo-Progressus — a provider of employment and professional development for therapists. The company connects qualified candidates with job opportunities across the United States.

This infographic was created by Invo-Progressus, a provider of applied behavior analysis therapy