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Playing Naturally with Non Toxic Toys

Playing Naturally with Non Toxic Toys

Undoubtedly, children are the future. Bringing children into the world means that parents have a responsibility to create the best future possible for them to enjoy. One simple way to do this is to invest in non toxic toys and play instruments that are positive for the environment.

In today’s environmental climate, there are many worrying concerns about how the future will look. With chemicals and pollutants all around, there is no better time than no to start raising awareness of non toxic toys.

Many parents don’t realize what their kids’ toys are made of and how they were manufactured. Being more aware of this and buying eco-conscious and safe toys will have resounding positive benefits for your children, your home, and the wider environment.

Playing with Toys

Why are non toxic toys important?

Children need to play in order to learn, develop, and explore. Playing helps with building the imagination, developing gross and fine motor skills, and giving kids confidence in new abilities. There is so much more to play than just passing the hours by.

It is important for children to play in a safe and constructive environment. Often, without realizing, we give our children plastic toys that are manufactured with chemicals and toxic things. When children play with these and bring them to their mouth or touch their face after playing, they are spreading toxins.

What are organic baby toys?

Baby toys don’t have to be made of plastic and with toxic paint coatings. Rather, there are many natural solutions and organic toys to introduce a baby and toddler to. These are often manufactured in a safer way and are biodegradable, meaning they won’t stay around for years to pollute the planet.

Some organic baby toys include things made of wood, beeswax, or cotton. Natural ingredients promote a better understanding and compassion for the environment, helping children to have subconscious awareness of their environmental impact from a young age. Some organic toy brands might make their products from recycled objects.

What are some non toxic toys brands?

There are more non toxic toys brands available than one might realize at first. They can be bought in stores or online, especially at shops on Etsy.

Playing Naturally with Non Toxic Toys

Here are some handy brands to keep an eye out for when investing in your child’s play and future:

  • Plan Toys
  • Camden Rose
  • Maple Landmark
  • Bannor Toys
  • HaPe
  • HABA
  • Wonderworld
  • Grimm’s Spiel and Holz
  • Uncle Goose

Some other non toxic toys brands with an eco focus include:

  • Green Toys
  • Speilstabil
  • Under the Nile
  • Apple Park
  • Hevea
  • Vulli

Playing Naturally with Non Toxic Toys


Encouraging your child to play and care about the environment is easy. Invest in toys that are non toxic, made in a sustainable manner, and foster a lasting relationship between play and productivity. For children to have a better and greener future, it is important that parents do everything in their power to bring about positive change.