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social and emotional development in early intervention

A Book Review of Social and Emotional Development in Early Intervention

The book Social and Emotional Development in Early Intervention is written with the purpose of improving the lives of children and their families, so that they’re better supported socially and emotionally. The author Dr. Mona Delahooke, is a clinical and consulting pediatric psychologist who promotes compassionate, relationship-based interventions for children with developmental, behavioral, emotional and learning differences. The book is easy to read in simple language yet supported with expertise in neuroscience.

The book is visually appealing containing charts, handouts and worksheets, which have been designed so that it can help with building relationships, reduce stress in children, deal with challenging behavior, monitor progress, and allow children to have self-control over their actions. The worksheets in the book are things that you will return to time and time again, even once you’ve read the book; so it really is a book which has great long-lasting value.
Social and Emotional Development

The book has been especially useful for children with:

  • Autism
  • Developmental and Learning needs
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Communication and speech requirements
  • Emotional and Behavioural issues
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental Health conditions

The book is beneficial for professionals working in the area of social and emotional development and parents. It gives very practical approaches that can be applied to different situations. The key thing about this book is that it’s not uninformed untested opinions; the approaches mentioned in it, have a solid foundation in science. They’re rigorous and proven to work. The approaches in the book give parents and health and education professionals, child-care providers, child psychologists and clinicians, practical tools to use, which are applicable for programs and service systems. There are non-standard approaches in the book, which work really well as an early intervention for vulnerable children.

The book acknowledges that each child is an individual, and it encourages that child to emerge and develop and fulfil their true potential.
At 173 pages, the book is succinct, and easy to read.
If children are challenged emotionally, Dr. Delahooke’s advice in the book can really help them to develop. Things which are clinically and scientifically complex and challenging about infant mental health, are explained in easy to understand language, with practical ways these can be applied.

Development book

The book is excellent if you want to support children, to better interact:

  • In the family
  • At school, in the classroom
  • In a wide variety of social situations

When children are able to function in a healthy way emotionally and socially, it makes their whole life just so much easier, because everything becomes less of a challenge and a struggle.

book review

The types of skills that can be learned from reading this book include:

  • A greater level of insight
  • How to respond with sensitivity
  • How to develop self-reflection in children
  • How to make children stronger and more resilient
  • Greater cognitive, social, emotional and development skills

This book comes highly recommended, and makes a valuable and original contribution to the field of social emotional development.
Social and Emotional Development in Early Intervention