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A growing trend is for parents who choose natural toys for their children.  Starting babies out right with toys that are safe, eco-friendly and free from toxins is a positive step that keeps your kids safe, happy and healthy.  Finding natural toys that are engaging and fun is easier when you start right here with these selections.  Kid-tested and parent-approved, you will surely feel good knowing your child is playing with healthier, natural toys.


BEST NATURAL TOY #1 – Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Elephant Rocker Stacker

This sweet, charming and natural toy comes to you by Melissa & Doug, a company who prides themselves on offering some of the best wooden toys for babies and natural educational toys on the market.

This toy features bold patterns, bright colors and is designed to catch the eye of your baby and toddler.  It features four rings made of wood, topped by a carved wood elephant.  These rings can be stacked and restacked in any configuration on the wooden base, which rocks back and forth.  And don’t worry, your child can stack the elephant right along with the rings.  It’s a beautifully designed stacking toy, helping to develop the motor skills your child needs as they grow.

The big, chunky, durable design makes the rings easy for both baby and toddler to grasp, hold and of course, to play with.

The Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Elephant Rocker Stacker is simply perfect for children ages 12 months and up.


  • Natural, smooth wooden pieces
  • Develops hand/eye coordination and motor skills
  • Introduces concepts of shapes and colors
  • Encourages problem-solving thinking


  • Wooden dowel holding rings may present a safety issue for very young children/babies


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BEST NATURAL TOY #2 – Tinkerton ABC 123 Blocks

Every baby and toddler should have a nice set of blocks to play with.  It’s almost like some sort of rite of passage through childhood.  At least, it was for me and my child.  Give your child the same fun experience with these cute and educational blocks.

The design of these blocks takes a classic toy and updates with a modern look. Decorated with an eco-friendly, safe water-based paint, your child will enjoy stacking these blocks while being introduced to both the alphabet and numbers.  As the kids get older, they can enjoy more creative play and spell out short words.

Knowing how almost everything goes in the mouth, these blocks are crafted from natural beech wood, which is also used as a natural teething material.  The blocks have round, not sharp edges, passes child safety testing requirements and has been sanded for a smooth finish.

Also included is a hardy canvas storage bag for fast, easy clean up and hassle-free travel. Your baby and toddler will get lots of quality playing and learning time from these durable blocks, a smart selection of classic wooden toys made in USA.

Tinkerton ABC 123 Blocks are kid favorites for children 3 months old and up.


  • Safe, non-toxic, water-based paint
  • Safe design with smooth, rounded edges and finishes
  • Develops motor skills and hand/eye coordination
  • Introduces number and letter recognition


  • Blocks could be a little bigger
  • Some blocks have a few rough spots and need more sanding
  • #1 blocks looks more like a letter


BEST NATURAL TOY #3 – Ray’s Toys Educational Set of Wooden Cars & Road Tapes

Take your kids back to a simpler space in time by introducing them to these traditional, handmade wooden cars.  Built of high-quality wood, the six cars included in the play set are durable and built to last.

Unlike many modern toys, these toys require no batteries…they run on your child’s creativity and imagination!  These cars will delight your children with their bright colors decorated with eco-friendly water-based paint and simple shapes.

This toy helps build social skills for play dates with friends.  Create roads by laying down the “road tape,” and watch play races and road trips unfold!  This offers so much value for so much learning and fun!

Ray’s Toys Educational Set of Wooden Cars & Road Tapes are sure to be a hit with your children.  You can be proud to know your children are playing with safe, eco-friendly wooden toys, so good for the development of healthy minds and bodies.


  • Safe, quality wooden materials
  • Non-toxic water-based paint
  • Develops strong motor skills and hand/eye coordination
  • Encourages social skills and imagination


  • Road tape does not adhere well to uncleaned surfaces
  • Including street signs would be nice


BEST NATURAL TOY #4 – Green Toys Dish Set

Yet another great update on a traditional toy, this one by using natural, upcycled materials.

I don’t believe I’ve ever met a little boy or girl who didn’t play for hours with a set of dishes.  From serving up some delicious pretend breakfast to pouring several cups of coffee, this toy will be a hands-down favorite for your child.  With lots of goodies for your child to play with alone or with siblings or friends, they will put the 24 pieces in the set to good use.

The set includes four place settings fully stocked with plates, bowls, cups and silverware.  All made from safe, natural, quality wood.  Proudly made in USA, these durable dishes are made from 100% recycled milk jugs, a true upcycling win.  The dishes have been FDA approved for using with real food without danger.

The Green Toys Dish Set is a well-loved children’s favorite and one of the best natural educational toys for ages 2 and up.


  • Made with safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic natural materials
  • BPA and phthalates free
  • Encourages social skills and imagination
  • Boosts hand/eye coordination and motor skills


  • Dishes and silverware too small
  • Silverware design could be better
  • Too much packaging material for an eco-friendly company

Natural toys


After looking at these picks for best natural toys, the Green Toys Dish Set is my personal favorite!  Maybe it’s because I loved playing with dishes as a kid or have watched other kids take part in the fun and learning involved with such a simple but brilliant early development toy.  It’s a winner and one of the best natural educational toys you can choose for your little ones.