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With each passing year, wooden toys for babies are growing in popularity.  While that’s a good thing, sometimes it can make choosing the best wooden toys for babies more difficult.  Selecting toys that grab your child’s attention and help them develop hand/eye movement and motor skills are all important steps you can take to increase early life skills and fun for your baby.

As they go through the various stages from teething to laughing to talking, these are all developmental skills that can be enhanced with toys.  That seems to point to why safe, simple wooden toys are top choices for parents around the world.  To get you started, here are some great examples of the best wooden toys for babies.

BEST WOODEN TOY #1 – Homi Baby Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle

Choosing your baby’s first toy is a milestone.  You want to make good, healthy decisions but also pick something that your baby will play with and love.  This sweet rattle and teething toy really fits the bill.  The rattle is the perfect size for baby’s little fingers and you can feel good about the baby using it for teething because it’s all natural and organic.

During the handmade design and quality check process, the toy is assembled, sanded for safety and smoothness, then sealed with organic virgin coconut oil.  It’s crafted out of natural, soft wood and will be one of your baby’s first and favorite wooden toys.  It’s gentle on baby’s gums and makes soothing sounds to sharpen baby’s hearing and listening skills.

The Organic Wood Montessori Styled Baby Rattle by Homi Baby is one of the finest organic baby toys made in USA.  You can find more information about this terrific toy under “Wooden Baby Toys Amazon.”


  • All natural, organic and toxin free
  • Introduces hearing, motor and hand/eye skills
  • Both a rattle (toy) and teething tool


  • Coconut oil may stain
  • Paint may rub off
  • Potential choking hazard with balls on each end that are on the small side or may come loose


BEST WOODEN TOY #2 – Baby Love Home Hedgehog Wooden Teether Baby Gym Rattle Teether

While babies may not come across as playing with toys by shaking rattles or soothing their gums with teething rings, this is actually a baby’s first experience with toys.  These rattles and teethers are the age appropriate toys for babies under one year old.

With this adorable hedgehog baby toy, it’s several baby toys in one.  First, the cute hedgehog is a teether, made of all-natural beech wood.  Next are the baby teething beads, made from 100% natural maple wood.  All the pieces of this toy are safe, organic and guaranteed not to harm your baby’s gums or teeth.

The wooden teething ring is designed for a baby to easily wrap little fingers around, hold onto and safe to chew on.  While these wooden toys for babies are fun as their interest and attention grows, it is also a toy that eases gum pain and discomfort while teething.

Some of the beads are covered with crocheted covers to give your baby some different texture, excellent for sensory perception.   You and your baby will love this high-quality toy!

While this toy is safe for even very young babies, parental supervision is always recommended, and toys should never be left in a crib alone with a baby.

The Baby Love Home Hedgehog Wooden Teether Baby Gym Rattle Teether is a smart choice for baby’s first toy.  Recommended for little ones 3 months old and up.


  • Made with all-natural organic materials
  • Introduces motor skills and hand/eye coordination


  • Initially a little stiff
  • Adult supervision always recommended to prevent potential choking hazards


BEST WOODEN TOY #3 – 3pcs Baby Play Gym Toys, Wood Ring, Baby Wood Beads

This sweet little baby toy consists of three enchanting strings of rings and beads. This toy is 100% organic and made from the highest quality wood for play and chewing.

The varied sizes and shapes of wooden rings and beads sharpen your baby’s eyesight and ability to focus.  The appeal of the delicate, muted colors and natural wood enhance its beauty.  This natural wood toy can be easily maintained with soap and water to keep clean and looking like new.

This toy promotes many important baby development areas from visual and brain stimulation to helping ease the discomfort or need to chew that comes along with teething.

The 3 pcs Baby Play Gym Toys Wood Ring Baby Wood Beads is a sweet early development toy for babies.  It works well with babies 3 months old and up.


  • All natural 100% organic materials
  • Introduces early development skills
  • Safe, non-toxic wooden design


  • Adult supervision always recommended to prevent potential choking hazards


best wooden toys for babies


After looking at all these charming baby toys, there is simply no choosing one over the other here!  These toys are all adorable, functional and offer babies a great first experience with safe, healthy toys.  They are all multi-functional for teething, development and play time.  In addition to the benefit of organic baby toys made in USA, they are simply some of the finest overall selections of wooden toys for babies.