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best summer toys

Coolest summer toys for your kids

As expected, the warmer weather is here and occupying your kids with activities can be so many tasks. And as children advance in age, they tend to outgrow some of their old toys. So that means for you to keep them engaged, you need to source for a different set of toys that soothes the season. You probably don’t want them to run around inside your home causing damages to properties when you can enjoy the summer outdoor reading a book while your kids have fun with their summer toys. You don’t know the suitable outdoor toys for summer which won’t break your bank account? Well, seek no more. Our list of amazing summer toys has got you covered.

Play Tent

Buying your kids a play tent is an outstanding foot to your kids summer. The play tent comes in different colors, shades, and design such as castles. This tent gives your child the privilege to explore and have a wide range of imagination without necessarily causing damages to properties.

Bubbles wand

The bubble wand seems to be one of the least dangerous toys you can get for your kids. The wand is made of wick materials which allow you to blow bubbles. This wand can keep your kids engaged as they can make millions of bubbles with the wand. More so, the wand comes handy and easy to assemble. And luckily, it’s relatively affordable.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

All kids get influenced by the activities they see their parents get engaged in. since the real lawn mower can be dangerous for kids, the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower can be a unique outdoor toy for your kids. The mower promotes self-confidence because a feeling of accomplishment is experienced when your kids feel they have finished tasks meant for grown up. What makes the Fisher-Price Bubble mower more fun is the amazing sound and bubbles it produces when in use.

Vortex Spin Ring

Do you know that most kids prefer their playground to be a tire spinner swing? Vortex Spin Ring weighs about 300 pounds and can contain four kids comfortably. Using the vortex spin ring is very easy to use and reliable. It’s constructed using nylon rope, woven mesh as well as steel rings coated with rubber. All you just need to do to get the fun started is to hand the spin ring from a stand and watch your keeps burst out with joy.

Jurassic world pterano- drone

This summer toy is going to leave your kid jumping for joy. Do you know why? Well, beautiful piece of gadget is actually a drone but comes in form of a bird. Isn’t that double fun? Now your kids can fly this cool quad copter up to 25 feet above the ground.  Another fun fact about the pterano drone is that your kids can “circle” a prey using the auto circle mood. Bringing the Jurassic world experience to your kids first hand just got so much easier.

Wiffle Ball Set

Your kid wants to have that ecstatic feeling of being a golf player? Then this amazing summer kit is for them. It comes with a 32inch Wiffle bat and ball set, and it’s easy to handle. The kit weighs 8 ounces which means it can easily be handled by your kids without so much supervision. However, it’s not recommended for children less than 3 years of age.